From a supplier’s point of view…

Mesva can play a great role in facilitating market access to factories and suppliers who may not have the appropriate set-up to handle much or any exporting business. There are high costs and risks involved when venturing into unknown markets, without any guarantee of finding the right customers. We take on the role of an export department for any local supplier or factory owner who wishes to sell abroad but also hopes to avoid the numerous costs and risks involved in finding strong and loyal distributors. We all know how costly market research, multiple trips, exhibitions and so on can be.

Our experienced staff are experts in Business development and Market research and can locate the most suitable customers for any supplier. They have vast experience in the Middle East as well as in Europe and can take on all first contacts, arrange meetings with potential customers and connect the most suitable partners to each supplier. Furthermore, our superb customer service team can handle all issues related to orders, follow-ups and arranging the delivery of goods to customers. This frees the supplier from having to worry about the hassles of logistics. Finally, we also monitor to ensure that all the terms of sale are being met.

Mesva – Hassle Free

From a distributor’s point of view…

Sourcing from a foreign market can be time-consuming and intimidating, and it can be frustrating trying to find exactly what you need. All this often leads to wasted time and money in the attempt to find the right product. However, the presence of an experienced partner with the right market knowledge can greatly facilitate the process. This will save you from spending too much time and money trying to reach the right supplier with the right product.

Our experienced staff, with their two-plus decades of expertise in imports and exports in the European and in the Middle Eastern markets, can provide reliable knowledge and assist any distributor with identifying their needs and finding the most suitable product from vetted suppliers. We can also negotiate on behalf of the distributor in order to attain the best possible prices. Additionally, we are able to organize seamless delivery to the distribution site.

Moreover, our team can oversee production and quality control on behalf of the customer, chase up suppliers in connection with promised delivery dates and ensure that the products exactly match the samples. We can also implement the technical standards of the destination country and (on behalf of the distributor) handle any disputes that may arise.

Mesva - Your Trusted Partner

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